Belly Dancer USA Score Sheet



_____A. Appropriate costume to figure. Suitably fitted costume to person’s body style. Good taste.

_____B. Eye-catching costume. Draws and keeps attention without overpowering dancer.


_____A. Body fluidity: flowing graceful moves.

_____B. Transitions: moving from one step to another smoothly or fluidly.

_____C. Depth of movement/extension: following through a movement , finishing movement, not cutting it short.

_____D. Isolation: able to move individual parts of the body separately.

_____E. Variety of steps: able to use a variety of different dance movements and attitudes.

_____F. Body posture: awareness of body line, including arms, shoulders, back, etc.

Body Basics

_____A. Hips: hip movements and mobility.

_____B. Upper torso: ribcage and abdominal movements.

_____C. Hands and arms: positioning and movements.

_____D. Head/shoulders/neck: relaxed and included in dance movements.


_____A. Audience contact: visual contact and communication with audience.

_____B. Poise: composure, stage presence; carriage of head and body; self-possession and control; able to recover
gracefully from unexpected problems.

_____C. Use of space: utilizing space around body as well as stage.

_____D. Interesting use of music: keeping to the rhythm, bringing it to life for the audience.

_____E. Expressiveness: communicating with face and body personal expression and feelings; conveying emotions.

_____F. Personality: ability to appeal to the audience through individuality of oneself.

_____G. Entertainment: ability to entertain and keep audience attention.

Troupe Only

_____A. Precision: unison between dancers.

_____B. Choreography: smooth, flowing and interesting use of steps.


Scale: 0=Not Demonstrated 1-2=Poor 3-4=Fair 5=Average 6-7=Good 8-9=Excellent 10=Superior